Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's here!!!

 Yay my package from nmlehner  arrived on Tuesday just before I was headed out the door to go to work . It was perfect timing because I ended up having to stay at work from 5pm till 3am  because of Black Friday set up, so the package was the bright spot in the day, I wore my hand made item to work to keep me warm (ok and to show it off if I'm honest) but I'm ahead of myself  here is the package in unwrapping order:)

The package was wrapped in a lovely Slytherin green and on top was a card but as you can see I'll get to that at the end.

 The first thing I pulled out was the lovely Dark mark illusion scarf. It's so soft and the green matches my jacket perfectly. I wore it to work and showed it off in the break room at the store, everyone thought it was cool, especially the guys who liked the skull and snake.:)
 This is the view of all of the goodies inside, oooo where to start?!
I'm starting with the yummy food! nmlehner  sent me some lovely English tea and Japanese biscuits. Which I believe are chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. (I'll find out for sure on Sunday when I have a day to myself with my knitting and a cup of tea) Did I mention she is stationed in Japan?  So, while I'm thinking about it, an extra big thank you for not only being willing to send a package so far but also to her family for their service.
Next I unwrapped this! A pill remover for sweaters! this is so awesome I don't have one and I'm forever trying to use a razor  to attempt to fix my sweaters (the results aren't always good either!) So this is perfect, although my mom is already eyeing it,  every sweater in the house may be shaun soon:)
 After that I unwrapped  this pretty tea cup and some lose tea, which I can't wait to try... Sunday won't get here fast enough!

I got help from my kitties at this point, they love it when I get packages :)

nmlehner  Also sent me  some beautiful stitch markers. Squee! I love the name of them too!
 Along with the stitch markers she sent me some wonderful Slytherin Shibui knits merino sock yarn and bamboo circ's
  This is the lose tea I mentioned above ( I realized I hadn't taken a picture) along with what may be my favourite thing ever, sugar cubes! I don't why they make me so happy but they do!Just look at the picture doesn't it make you smile... or is that just me? I can't wait to try both of them.
This is the yarn again and a pattern book for Stick needle knitting.So much fun! She also sent me a pattern for Such a Slytherin socks. Squee!
  And that's the kit! You can see the card on the side with the kitties and the pattern. Thank you so much nmlehner ! This kit was so wonderful and full of such neat things! I love everything you picked out for me I'm really looking forward to  sitting back with a cuppa, some munchies and enjoying everything you sent me! Thank you!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

only about 6 mintues left till 12am

 But here I am blogging, I've been at work all day, ugh I hate the holidays in retail.  My Owl  says he arrived with his package but I have heard yet  from SmartChic if she really did get it or if my owl simply found the first house it could could and dumped the package there. I'm hoping he found the house though he's a very good owl.
Deathly Hallows was awesome, I'm thinking of  going again tomorrow. I mentioned this in the forums but I'll mention it again . CNN which is based in Atlanta where I live was covering the the movie theater I went to see the film at so there are several shots on me in a clip on there website. I was going to add a picture but my clock is reading 11:59 so i need to post this now or it doesn't count more later :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kit's finished! Yay!  I hope she'll like it, I'm making one more little thing to toss in there for fun and I'll spend tomorrow making labels for it and packaging it. My owl  will leave on Monday,   I hope it gets there in time for the movie, or at least the day after :). I wish I didn't have to go to work today I could get it all done and shipped off now. Stupid work. You should see my thanksgiving week I have to work until 1am on the Wednesday before and black Friday I have to be at the store by 3:30 am. evil I say evil!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Update time

Swap items going really well, I have 7 more rows to do on the handmade item. Something I ordered for the swap arrived yesterday and I just need to pick up one thing from the store today and I'll have gotten everything!

Spent this morning  putting away Halloween decorations and I work tonight (yuck). Tomorrow is for working on my Snape Jacket (found the button hole  attachment for my sewing machine)  and for laundry.... I hate laundry... anyone have a house elf I could borrow?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Halloween!

Well almost,  My mom and I are getting ready for tomorrow. We started  by decorating cookies at 9 am mmmm sugar :)  Halloween is epic at our house we go full out for the holiday :)
This is from the start of the month when we started getting our decorations out, some things have to go back down stairs because there isn't room. And this isn't even counting the outdoor items and the things we use for what ever theme we've picked! This years theme is Phantom of the Opera in tribute to the touring company  which closes tomorrow.:(

 Yesterday I wore my student robes to teach class in, the kids loved it especisly the ones dressed up as Harry.

 It's hard to talk about my kntting plans with out giving anything away  so I'll just say they are going nicely, I'm having fun coming up with tie ins to the horcrux I picked :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm back.....

 Hi everyone I'm back from both of my trips, the wedding was fine (nothing like family to ruin a trip right :))  and I didn't make the cut for the auditions,  (it happens). But moving on,  I have managed to  get my Deathly Hallow's midnight release tickets Yay! I can't wait! I of course will be going  in costume.. I excited and a little sad, this will mark the end of an era  for my friends and I. So much has happend because of Harry, heck Knitting happed because of Harry, I learned how to knit so that I could have a house scarf.

My Swap project is going well, I've got the yarn and the pattern for what I'm making, and I started but realized i need to switch needles so I'm starting over again but I think it'll look great when I'm done. I've also gotton so niffty  extras to put in her package. I hope she'll like them.

I think that's all from me right now, I'm helping my mom get our Halloween decorations out we've decided to do Phantom of the Opera as our theme this year and so far it's all looking great, I'll have picture this year to prove it :0

Ta for now

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


 Hi everyone sorry for silence I've been preparing for two trips coming up, I leave tomorrow. First I'm flying up the coast for a wedding and then I'm  auditioning for  a professional acting job.  Hopefully once these two events have passed I'll be more chatty and I'll have a bit more to post on my kit progress. See you all soon!