Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ok so I want to show off

I'm currently making a Quilt, which I should be working on now instead of blogging. The Quilt is for a baby boy, the shower is on the 20th of April I hope I make it in time! I need to add another row of three blocks the boarder and of course the back. Those will be in blue 9the same blue on the front. Once again note that the colors captured on my web cam are not very close to what they are in reality. The colors are all bright primary colors The green has vines in the pattern, the blue kind of splochy and wavey, the yellow has , well almost a chicken foot pattern in it and the red has dotted circles. Originaly I was going for earthly elements sun, fire, water, earth, but it's been pointed out that i also managed to pick the four Hogwarts houses. Anyway, since I have to keep the project under raps until the 20th I've been limited on who I can show it to hence the desire to post it here with the knitting (none of my friends know about this journal, this just for those who happen to wonder by)

It's finished!

I hadn't meant to abandon this blog, I haven't been writing in my LJ much either since life at school and work has been busy. I have finished my Irish Hiking scarf though, mostly because I worked on it tons when I went to see the Yarn Harlots book signing. I've posted pictures in the knit along blog but I'll post them again here just because. Oh and my web cam really doesn't take very good pictures the colors are all washed out and you can't see any detail, I'll post some better ones if my friend lets me use her camera.