Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wish List

Hello everyone so this is a wish list/getting to know me post. Most of this information is on the side bar but I’ll repeat it here and expand on it a bit

I love just about any yarn, although I do give an extra squee for sock yarn. I would really prefer not to get any acrylic yarn. (if what you make me is in an acrylic I don’t mind at all but I have so much of the stuff in my stash as it is I’d prefer not get any more of it to knit myself. If you must do then I do like Vanna’s choice).

I'm always open to trying new needles, I prefer metal to plastic but I haven't tried wood yet. I like straight and DPN's.I have trouble with circular needles because I have difficulty holding them to knit so I’m not a huge fan of circulars, but maybe I haven't met the right kind :)

Purple is my favorite color but I also enjoy cool and neutral colors. I'm not really a fan of oranges, yellows or reds (I work at a Target and I see enough red on a daily bases). Of course my house/team colors are always welcome!

I LOVE tea, but only black tea's (Lipton's, PG Tips) I drink a hot cup every day.
As far as foods it's easier to say what I don't like: hot things or fake cinnamon (like red hots.) black licorice (I do like the red kind though) and coconut.I am very fond of candy from Europe(If you have English smarties I will love you for life). Chocolate is always a safe bet as are cookies or scones.

Wish List
I do love stitch markers and I'd love to have a set of Harry potter themes ones, although any fun stitch markers would be wonderful!

Anything in my house/team colors and anything from Harry Potter would be great. I'm also a big Doctor Who fan so anything from that fandom is always welcome.

I always love getting books or music, you can look at my Amazon wish list (that has more then just stuff from Amazon) on it to get a better idea of my likes and fandoms. I never mind anything used. (I use the list primarily as a way of reminding myself of things I want; because when ever I get gift cards I can never think of what to get, having a list helps)

My cats say any toys for them would also be welcome. They are so pushy (Quick story: During the first swap I did my spoilee had a cat so I put in a cat for toy him, well during the night I heard this ripping and scratching, I turned on the light and one of my cats had ripped open the package and was dragging the toy out, it’s one of his favorites, I think because he “picked it out as it where.

As far as things I collect there are a few things: 8x10 glossy photos of actors/favorite characters. Masks, and Harry Potter books from around the world: I have French (1-3), German (1-4), British (1, 4), and Czech (1)

Other things of note; as far as which kit I’d like most I’ll take any of them, truly you can pick out which ever one would be most enjoyable for you to knit up and send.I’ve put some items on my favorites on rav. just to give you a direction to start in. Anything in my queue is also far game.

I also have a Livejournal If you’d like know what’s going on in my real life. The profile page is a great place to see stuff I like and am interested in.

I hope this helps!