Monday, December 21, 2009

I've been spoiled

Rowena( Ronnica) of the Applebee Arrows sent me an awesome kit! Her poor owl arrived during a terrific rain storm  and had to bee given lots of owl treats before flying on his way again:

She sent me two patterns one for a cowl and one for Bella's mittens

 and lovely yarn for the patterns in my favorite colors

Some very classy stitch markers

a  really nice yarn bag that I am already using (and having to keep my mother from stealing!)
   She also made me a lovely St. Marcus Day scarf  that I've been wearing since I pulled it out of the owls hot little talons ( I really can't say how much I squeed over the scarf! It is very awesome)

And last but not least  she sent me some masks from her own collection 

To add to my collection (which I haven't put up in this house yet, but I might just have to now that I have these new addtions)

Thank you so much for the lovely kit Ronnica, I really enjoyed it! And thank your owl for making the long trip!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

No owls yet for me , the post has been very slow lately though. I hope my owl make it to Eugene soon, i know that a package that I sent tto  my friend  in france  has already arrived there so hopefuly  The owl will be able to make it there soon after.

I've been keeping busy even though the end of the training season is almost here. I've made these for my grandmother

  and this for my mom

all with help from my cats.
I may have to make a pair of slippers for myself as well, they turned out really cute.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

whoops hopefully it's not too late to count this as a blog for the last week I didn't clock out at work until 12:11 am. I'll keep it short:

Chanuka Sameach!

Friday, December 4, 2009

I iz finished!

Yay I'm finished with my swap package! I just need to write a little note and send it on it's way Monday ( my owl is running a letter for my mom, should be back soon though) I hope Eugene like it.

It's gotten cold here, practice on the pitch hasn't been as much fun, but I'm sure it makes the hot tea waiting for me back home taste even better!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just a very quick note from me this week as I work retail and this has been one crazy week for me.

Thanksgiving lovely
Black Friday evil

Eugene I'll be sending your package sometime this week (I hope)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Being Thankful

There are many people and things I am thankful for, but the one that kept coming up in my mind as I pondered what I would write about for my blog post is the one I think I may value most. My memories. They aren’t particularly grand or exciting; most of them are very small moments in my life that I’m glad to have experienced.

I ‘m thankful for the walks that I’ve taken with my mom in the park, just talking and enjoying the fresh air and the sounds of birds, or the time we brought only a few pieces of bread to feed the ducks with and that day every duck in North America was in the lake. We looked at each other with eyes wide and then laughed until we where nearly sick.

I’m thankful for that first moment that I realized I had met my best friend. Her sister and I had been friends in School and although we were the same age I was a grade below her, she had called and asked if I’d go to the mall with her, as we started talking that day we realized how much we had in common, I’ll never forget seeing a CD on her desk and asking her about it, it was for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, We’ve been to every concert they’ve had near us since that day, we’ll be going next week. Every time we laugh and say “do you remember that day?”

I’m thankful for the man I met on the bus ride home from school seven years ago, I was reading a Biography on Lon Chaney my favorite actor, and this older gentleman sat next to me, he talked to me the entire ride about his career in the television business, the people he had met, the places he had been, and actors we both enjoyed, near the end of the ride, I told him I my hopes of becoming an actor, and traveling, I told him about the things I feared most, it was my first year in collage and I was very lonely, and what he said to me made me feel like I could accomplish anything, He told me he had no doubts I would do incredible things in my life. I knew when I shook his hand at the end of the bus ride that I would never see him again, but I would think of that stranger who sat next to me and was kind , and made me feel worthwhile at a time I didn’t feel it of myself for the rest of my life.

I am thankful for the time I got to spend with my grandmother who passed away this October, even though I never got to say goodbye, I am happy in the fact I got to know her, and for the family and friends I got to meet, some of whom I had never met before, The end is where start from, sometimes it takes an ending to make new beginnings.

I am thankful for the little things my Step-Father does to say he loves me, like when I first left home for school and he told me if there was anything I needed he would be there for me, I just had to call him and he’d be there as soon as he could.He has never been the type for hugs and kisses, but his voice that day and his words said more about he felt then anything.

I am thankful for Harry Potter, for all of the friends and events and experiences I have had surrounding the books in films. For the conversations that have gotten started to the trips taken and the costumes made, because of Harry I know people around the world and have laughed and cried with them. I have realized my skills and writing and research and just how much fun being a little silly can be. I will treasure forever the memories of beginning so excited about something as small as watching a movie for the first time, or reading a book with a friend.

I am thankful for all of the small moments in my life and the memories they have given me, and I am thankful for the ones to come, because sweet or sorrowful they make me who I am.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oooo more updating

Hey guys!

This has been a pretty nice week for me, lots of time out in the fresh air just tossing the ol' Quaffle around. I'm working hard at my Spoilee's hand knits, I have a feeling judging by people's reactions to the ________ I may be making more in the future. My Step Father was kind enough to try on one of the items to see it would likely fit Eugene. It fit him well  so I think I'm in the clear!. I will have to use this yarn again, it knits up so well! I'm still looking around for fun things to throw in the package along with the hand knits and yarn for his project

Speaking of yarn I scored big time at a little junk shop today, hidden under ugly fun fur I found 3 skeins of Angora all from the same dye lot for $4.99. it's pretty light brown color. My mother has already decided that it should be used to make her a Christmas present.:) I've never knit with Angora before but it feels lovely.  I probably shouldn't have spent the money but I couldn't just leave it.... :)

In other good news I reached my fund raising goal for The ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Walk . My friend Mel  was diagnosed with ALS a little over two years ago. It has been a tough fight, but she has fought with a kind of courage and humor that you don't see every day. There is not a lot that can be done for ALS right now, so in order to help find a cure for others who have this disease, and to give back to the GA Association that has helped Mel and her family during this time. I'm asking if you could support me, and in turn the ALS Association by donating to this great cause. It doesn't have to be a lot of money. Any amount will help. I greatly appreciate what you can do. I've been torn about mentioning it on this blog because in some ways it didn't feel right to ask for donations from my fellow swap buddies but on the other hand it can't do much harm just mentioning it this once. Click this to go to my donation page.

The walk is this Saturday and I'll be wearing my Phantom of the Opera costume during the walk which goes though Downtown Atlanta. Last year, as you can see on the donation page, I wore my Hogwarts robes.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

updating is fun

Hi guys,

woo I've had a long day filming for Top Broom, and then cleaning up my room. But now I've got my nice clean room, a good story and a bowl of Kale soup, or Caldo verde. It's a lovely cold weather soup with broth, potatoes, onion (just for flavor),chouriço ( a type of sausage) and kale. The is also some garlic and bacon in it for flavoring. Yum yum!

I've been enjoying working on my Eugene's knitted items, and after speaking with other quidditch players I'm pretty sure he will like the items I've picked as well.

Today is my Sunday (I have Wed. and Thur. off) I don't want to go back to work tomorrow, I want to stay home and knit, watch tv.

Alright I'm about to hit the showers.

Night all!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just a quick note

Hiya guys,

sorry but Qidditch practice has been getting in the way of posting, I'm hoping thought that tonight I might be able to make a video post which I'll try and have up by tomorrow with a little teaser for my spoilee. Off to crave pumpkins now!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You won't see me in the forums much this week, my Grandmother passed away so I'll be away at the funeral.


p.s On the up side I've got the yarn for my spoilee. :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Did you guys see the letter from Winnie? She's in London right not at the MoM. I wonder if she went to visit the ministry of magical games and Sports?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Quidditch practice 1

1. Someone with the same craft as you (either those listed above or another one).
Wisteria Lovegood and I have both done the Jaywalker socks

2. Someone who was born in the same month.
Helena Lovegood and I where both born in April

3. Someone from a different country.
Eugine Nigeno is from Australia and I am from The United States

4. A new HSKS Quidditch player.
Ginny Lockheart is new

5. A player who has been in 3 or more HSKS swaps.
Fleur Sweeting has been in 7 HSKS swaps

6. A player who has a bigger stash than you! (And if your stash is the biggest, proudly say so!)
Pandora Phelps has a bigger stash then I do

7. A player who both knits and crochets.
Intarsia Bindoff knits and crochets

8. Someone who has the same favorite color as you.
Andromeda Finch-Fletchley likes Purple too

And I have commented on one project of each of these fine Quidditch players. woosh I'm tired time to hit the showers, I have to test a new racing broom for QQS tonight.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wish List

Hello everyone so this is a wish list/getting to know me post. Most of this information is on the side bar but I’ll repeat it here and expand on it a bit

I love just about any yarn, although I do give an extra squee for sock yarn. I would really prefer not to get any acrylic yarn. (if what you make me is in an acrylic I don’t mind at all but I have so much of the stuff in my stash as it is I’d prefer not get any more of it to knit myself. If you must do then I do like Vanna’s choice).

I'm always open to trying new needles, I prefer metal to plastic but I haven't tried wood yet. I like straight and DPN's.I have trouble with circular needles because I have difficulty holding them to knit so I’m not a huge fan of circulars, but maybe I haven't met the right kind :)

Purple is my favorite color but I also enjoy cool and neutral colors. I'm not really a fan of oranges, yellows or reds (I work at a Target and I see enough red on a daily bases). Of course my house/team colors are always welcome!

I LOVE tea, but only black tea's (Lipton's, PG Tips) I drink a hot cup every day.
As far as foods it's easier to say what I don't like: hot things or fake cinnamon (like red hots.) black licorice (I do like the red kind though) and coconut.I am very fond of candy from Europe(If you have English smarties I will love you for life). Chocolate is always a safe bet as are cookies or scones.

Wish List
I do love stitch markers and I'd love to have a set of Harry potter themes ones, although any fun stitch markers would be wonderful!

Anything in my house/team colors and anything from Harry Potter would be great. I'm also a big Doctor Who fan so anything from that fandom is always welcome.

I always love getting books or music, you can look at my Amazon wish list (that has more then just stuff from Amazon) on it to get a better idea of my likes and fandoms. I never mind anything used. (I use the list primarily as a way of reminding myself of things I want; because when ever I get gift cards I can never think of what to get, having a list helps)

My cats say any toys for them would also be welcome. They are so pushy (Quick story: During the first swap I did my spoilee had a cat so I put in a cat for toy him, well during the night I heard this ripping and scratching, I turned on the light and one of my cats had ripped open the package and was dragging the toy out, it’s one of his favorites, I think because he “picked it out as it where.

As far as things I collect there are a few things: 8x10 glossy photos of actors/favorite characters. Masks, and Harry Potter books from around the world: I have French (1-3), German (1-4), British (1, 4), and Czech (1)

Other things of note; as far as which kit I’d like most I’ll take any of them, truly you can pick out which ever one would be most enjoyable for you to knit up and send.I’ve put some items on my favorites on rav. just to give you a direction to start in. Anything in my queue is also far game.

I also have a Livejournal If you’d like know what’s going on in my real life. The profile page is a great place to see stuff I like and am interested in.

I hope this helps!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Smell That?

 That's the smell of Fall and with Fall comes Quidditch!

Speed bonnie broom, like a bird on the wing
Onward the fans cry
Carry the team that was born to be king
Over the sea to Skye

Loud the winds howl, loud the waves roar,
Thunderclaps rend the air
Baffled our foes, stand by the shore
Follow they will not dare

Many's the player fought on that day
Well the claymore did wield
When the night came, silently lain
Exhausted on Culloden field

Though the winds blow, soft will ye land
Pride’s a royal team
Rocked in the deep, Flora will keep
Watch by your weary fans

Burned are our brooms,
Exile and death
Scatter the loyal players
Yet e'er the sword cool in the sheath
Pride will come again.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Owl Post!

So on this dark and stormy day one brave owl landed on my doorstep with a package. After drying him off and giving him some owl treats I tore into it and look at the awesome,fantatasic , lovely perfect package I got!
This is the whole package:

When I opened the box the first thing I noticed was it's fragrence , it smelled devine! And that was because Intersia included some lovely potions ingredients English mint and lemon essences mint for my tea ( I can't wait to try it out and today is the perfect weather for it!) as well as Hot and Spicy Oregano. I Love oregano, one of my favorite meals is pasta with sauce and I'm always adding extra oregano. The potions couldn't have been more perfect for me :)

Intersia also sent me a few charms: Slytherin snakes! These are such cute stitch markers , I'm already trying to think of names for them! These where inside a cute little tin, I'm so happy I have a place to my stichmarkers, I've been using a box that a stationary set came in.

Then there was the yarn *squee* Intersia really spoiled me there I got two skanes os Knit Picks Gloss In a lovely purple color it's 70% Merino Wool and 30% silk. She also sent me a Suri Merino Plymouth Yarn in an awesome Slytherin Green.

Intersia also included three patterns for me to chose from: The Strangling Vine Scarf, The Devil's snare sock pattern and a Trust Snape wrist band.

Also included with the kit was this made od awesome bag I've taken a few picturesof it so you can see the print on it:

One of my favorite this she sent me was a new little friend named Ganini, a distent cousin to Nagini. He's very talkative and I'll have to brush up on my Pareltongue, but I love him dearly.

and Last but not least A snitch measuring tape! I didin't have one that I could keep with my knitting before getting this one, I used to have to grab the one from my sewing kit.

Thank You Intersia for a truly marvalous and well thought out kit! I love everything you sent me, thank you for making my summer camp a wonderful experience!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hiya all,

Sorry I've been quiet this week, I've had an awful cold and I haven't felt up to much of anything. it was made even worse by having to go into work. Lucky for me I switched shifts with a friend of mine today and so i have the evening off. I love Saturday evenings off because it means I can watch my favorite Brit Comedies on my local PBS station. Squee!

I honestly haven't been knitting much of anything lately since I'm still hard at work on the baby quilt and my costumes for Dragon*Con. I know most all of you will stop looking at this journal when the swap is over but I'll try and put up some pictures from the con so you can see what all of the crazyness is about, especaily if I get to meet Tom Felton!

Oh my spoillee has recievd her package and she says she likes it! (Yay) I hope she puts up pictures so you guys can see it. If not then I'll post some of mine.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

quickest of quck posts

It's 1 a.m
I got off off work 2 hours ago
cooked dinner
I'm heading to bed
my cat is asking me to play
Tomorrow I'll be moving a new bed set in
and racing against the clock to do it.
This is all the post have time for
K love ya thanks bye

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Yay My Kit is finished and wrapped! I just need to tape it up address it and send it on it's merry way. *does victory dance*

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hi guys! I've just had a very lovely weekend (for me the weekend is Wed. and Thur. because of my work schedule). My friend and I decided to do a Lord of The Rings marathon so we watched all of the extended editions back to back. :) I know you are thinking that is an excellent way to get in some knitting time, alas I did not knit. I'm working on a baby quilt for a friend and I'm running out of time. This is a mock up of what the whole quilt will look like (except mine will only be 9 squares total)

and here are the squares I've compleated so far:

Now I'm off to work, It's a tax free weekend in my state which means for the workers it';s worse then Christmas at the the store!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I was trying to think of something cool and creative to post, like a Hogwarts version of the hello Mother hello father camp song but alas I've run out of time before work so that will have to come later tonight when i can do a good job!

I thought you guys might by intreasted to know that Target has Harry Potter notebooks and folders with each house on them. Mine had already run out of Hufflepuff in the folders but I got the other houses. If you want them get them when you see them as the items are not likely going to be re-ordered. They would be cute to add to a swap package. :)

speaking of swap packages I'm done with mine! well mostly I need to get the pattern I'm sending her and figure out how to mail it but yay for done-ness!

Off to go get dressed for work.


Game 5 parts one and Two

Part 1 Answers

1. Animagus
2. Daily prophet
3. Bowtruckle
4. Extendable ear
5. Radish earrings
6. Forbidden forest
7. Golden cherub
8. Thestral
9. High inquisitor
10. Educational decree

Pictures 1,3,4,6 where taken by myself and can be made larger for more detail, the restof the pictures come from the internet.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Posting in the wee hours

It's 1:30am here and I have two Cats telling me it's past my bedtime (mostly because they want to go to sleep too.) But As I've told them I have to type something up for camp! I wish i had pictures of myself from the Movie premire to show you y'all but I never did point my camera at myself. I loved the movie and thought it one of the best adaptions as far as from book to screen. I'm so glad Yates will be at the helm for the last two films as well, he has a proper feel of the Harry Potter world, his films are the ones i want to watch when I'm in the mood for Harry Potter.

Other things that are going on in my life: I passed my certification test to become a parapro. (teacher's aide) Now I just need to apply for jobs! I'm quite proud I must admit, to think that of all my friends I could be the first to have a proper job right after Uni. Many of my friends graduated much faster then I did and I've always felt a bit of an idot because I took longer (although if i'm honest my degree was harder then many of theirs). Still As a treat I allowed myself to by a few DVD's that I'd been wanting. I just watched one tonight :)

In my spare time I've been writting a short fanfic, or at least it started short it's now over 15 chapters long! It's making me want to do more creative writting with my own characters and not someone elses. I'll be sad when this story is finished.

Also in my spare time I've been working on a costume for Dragon Con, which is a convention held in Atlanta every labor day weekend. I love making costumes!For me costuming is about getting to be my favorite characters, it's like getting to play them on stage. I've been The Phantom of the Opera, Mr. Misto. from cats, Chauvillin (Scarlet Pimpernel), Snape, Sarah Jane Smith (Doctor Who) Frdod (LOTR) the list goes on. This year I'm doing another one from Doctor who a character called Sharaz Jek. I'm making the entire costumne from scratch so I've been working on a musslin version of the costume and making the mask. I'm looking forward to wearing it and showing it off in the parade. (yes I know I'm a geek but I love it) .

Um I guess that's it, I really shouldn't do these things so late at night, I'm sure I've spelled many things wrong and probly don't make much sence though most of the post but that's I'll edit it in the morning (or afternoon at this rate)

Night all!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's Harry Potter Day! Squee!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer camp games three

The crowd would be turned in all kinds of Doctor who characters waving sonic screw drivers and under my control!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Witch and Wizard Wiscracks

I got mine yesterday at it was wonderfully funny, I only wish I had come up with something as creative to send! The pictures should be large enough that you can read the letter. Cheers Bridget the Bloodthirsty!

Camp Games 2.5

17-4, 14-1, 9-6, 3-3


18-2, 3-3


19-4, 11-2, 9-3, 8-5, 15-9


7-1, 11-2


15-9, 11-2


15-9, 14-1, 9-6


13-8, 18-2, 8-5, 16-3, 6-5, 16-3, 5-3!


-Ron Weasley page 255 paperback American edition

Summer camp game two

In the second volume of the HP books by JK Rowling, The (#1)Chamber of Secrets, we continue to learn the incredible adventures of Hogwarts student (#2) Harry Potter and his friends (#3) Ron Weasley and (#4) Hermione Granger. Belonging to the house of (#5) Gryffindor, they attend Defense Against the (#6) Dark Arts taught by Wizarding celebrity (#7) Gilderoy Lockhart , a none-too-bright fellow who cannot even handle pixies!

In The (#8) Chamber of Scerets, we also meet Dobby a (#9)House elf for the first time. Determined Dobby seeks to sabotage the return of (#10) Harry Potter to Hogwarts and is pretty persistent but is unsuccessful. After a few weeks at school, the deceased Ravenclaw student who haunts the girls lavatory, also known as (#11) Moaning Myrtle, shows (#12) Harry Potter and (#13) Ron Weasley an old empty diary that dropped through her ghostly form out of thin air!

Many nifty things continue to happen for the next several months… we won’t go into all the juicy details right now… however, the ending is prime reading indeed!! (#14) Harry Potter finally kills Tom Riddle’s (a.k.a #15 Voldemort) sneaky diary (which we now know is a #16 Horcrux) and saves the sister of (#17) Ron Weasley, (#18) Ginny Weasley!!!

Oh! Of course, we must mention that the thickheaded (#19) Gilderoy Lockhartunintentionally erased his own memory, so he won’t be back for book three, The (#20) Prisoner of Azkaban

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh a hiking I will go...

I went hiking yesterday at camp, over five miles to some very pretty cliffs! I brought my muggle camera so the pictures don't move but they are pretty to look at!Click to make the pictures bigger.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wingo help


W1-Atlanta Ga

I2- a half brother and sister (both older) and a Step Brother (younger)
I3-Château de Chinon and Chateau d'Amboise

N2- I'm a first year!
N3- I have a wand (see the picture below and a hat..somewhere...
N5- TGV- Paris

G1- I am a Slytherin and proud, I'm in Ashwinder cabin
G2- I have 18 items
G4- A snake
G5 Je parle français une peu

O3- I collect masks
O5- I've worked at several girl scout camps

Monday, June 15, 2009

Game Time!

Part one:
Ten things I've packed for Summer Camp

1.Quidditch Through the Ages
2. Quibbler (summer issue)
3. Quill pens
4. Quilt
6.Quote book
7.Quodpot ball set
8. Queen chess piece to trade
9.Quadrilocular trunk
10. Quid (muggle money)

I should really get an extra point or two for having a Q name!

Part 2:
W2-Megaera Black
I2-Hermione Bagnold 1 (older) brother and 2 (both younger) sisters
N2-Gryphon the Great
G2-Ophelia Ballycastle
O2- Emma Scamander

Part 3
I'm spoiling Ophelia Ballycastle aka SinKnitty and I love all of the things she has done, especially the ones from different fandoms!

I'm being spoiled by Intarsia Knits and although she doesn't have a picture up anything with the words Dalek and potholder in the same project gets my vote! :0

Sunday, June 14, 2009

All Packed

I'm all packed for camp! hmmm Maybe I should bring cloths along with the yarn... Oh well that's what magic is for I think I can make a little more space for cloths...maybe...

Snakie poo wants to come too!

Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm goin to camp soon!

Yay I'll be at camp soon, but I wanted to get a head start on my camper duties:

Quietus Snape's 3 truths and a lie:
1. My right hand is named Mortis
2. I love dressing up in costumes
3. I am a wonderful speller
4. I have two cats and a bird