Friday, August 28, 2009

Owl Post!

So on this dark and stormy day one brave owl landed on my doorstep with a package. After drying him off and giving him some owl treats I tore into it and look at the awesome,fantatasic , lovely perfect package I got!
This is the whole package:

When I opened the box the first thing I noticed was it's fragrence , it smelled devine! And that was because Intersia included some lovely potions ingredients English mint and lemon essences mint for my tea ( I can't wait to try it out and today is the perfect weather for it!) as well as Hot and Spicy Oregano. I Love oregano, one of my favorite meals is pasta with sauce and I'm always adding extra oregano. The potions couldn't have been more perfect for me :)

Intersia also sent me a few charms: Slytherin snakes! These are such cute stitch markers , I'm already trying to think of names for them! These where inside a cute little tin, I'm so happy I have a place to my stichmarkers, I've been using a box that a stationary set came in.

Then there was the yarn *squee* Intersia really spoiled me there I got two skanes os Knit Picks Gloss In a lovely purple color it's 70% Merino Wool and 30% silk. She also sent me a Suri Merino Plymouth Yarn in an awesome Slytherin Green.

Intersia also included three patterns for me to chose from: The Strangling Vine Scarf, The Devil's snare sock pattern and a Trust Snape wrist band.

Also included with the kit was this made od awesome bag I've taken a few picturesof it so you can see the print on it:

One of my favorite this she sent me was a new little friend named Ganini, a distent cousin to Nagini. He's very talkative and I'll have to brush up on my Pareltongue, but I love him dearly.

and Last but not least A snitch measuring tape! I didin't have one that I could keep with my knitting before getting this one, I used to have to grab the one from my sewing kit.

Thank You Intersia for a truly marvalous and well thought out kit! I love everything you sent me, thank you for making my summer camp a wonderful experience!