Saturday, July 25, 2009

I was trying to think of something cool and creative to post, like a Hogwarts version of the hello Mother hello father camp song but alas I've run out of time before work so that will have to come later tonight when i can do a good job!

I thought you guys might by intreasted to know that Target has Harry Potter notebooks and folders with each house on them. Mine had already run out of Hufflepuff in the folders but I got the other houses. If you want them get them when you see them as the items are not likely going to be re-ordered. They would be cute to add to a swap package. :)

speaking of swap packages I'm done with mine! well mostly I need to get the pattern I'm sending her and figure out how to mail it but yay for done-ness!

Off to go get dressed for work.


Game 5 parts one and Two

Part 1 Answers

1. Animagus
2. Daily prophet
3. Bowtruckle
4. Extendable ear
5. Radish earrings
6. Forbidden forest
7. Golden cherub
8. Thestral
9. High inquisitor
10. Educational decree

Pictures 1,3,4,6 where taken by myself and can be made larger for more detail, the restof the pictures come from the internet.