Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm sorry!

I've been just awful about updating this thing, but I'm pretty sure no one reads it anyway but, well just in case.

I have started a new project though, a Doctor Who scarf. One of the Livejournal communities is doing a knit along and so I've joined. The scarf is coming along nicely I'll put some pictures and a progress bar up soon, after I do some of my homework.

actually I should be good and do my work now and then blog, so I promise, once I get all my note cards written out I'll come back and do a proper update.

Until then-

Ok I'm back I'm actually going to cheat and just add what I wrote on LJ:

I feel like I don't ever stop moving, I've actually had a few days lately where I've come home from class and gone straight to bed!

But anyway, most of the stress is coming from class, well really only two classes: Math and Telecomm I. Math is just math. Telecomm is just one of those classes that the professor delights in making the tests impossible to do. My other classes are not to bad (although one of them is the most pointless thing ever!)

I've found a very nice knitting group that meets at my local library, they are mostly kids who are just learning how to knit and crochet and some adults too, it's nice to be one of the advanced knitters for once and I enjoy helping them learn. The adults have all seen doctor who (at least classic who) so they at least knew what my scarf was from. It was funny though I think the kids misunderstood They tell people that I'm making the scarf for Doctor Who. When I showed them a picture of Tom Baker, one of them said Is that who you are making it for? So cute!

Speaking of the Doctor my mom is now offically where my geekness comes from. I mentioned before that we are doing a Sherlock Holmes theme for Halloween, well one day she asked me if the Doctor ever met Sherlock Holmes, I told her kinda and she said " We should make a TARDIS and put in on the other side of the driveway and we can make ait a running theme each year." I love my mother! We've been trying to find a refregerator box to make it out of but no luck yet. We did find some scrap wood that i think we are going to use unless something else is found soon. Luthienpotter will be visiting for Halloween so hopefully we'll have pictures since she has a digital camera. Mom will be Holmes, I'll be Watson, Scott's a Policeman and Luthienpotter will be Irene Adler (or at least a women in period dress) Squee!

Is anyone else watching the Sarah Jane Adventures? This past episode was creepy but great I'm not to sure about the new girl though she seems like she's trying to hard, hopefully she'll get better as the episodes go on, Clyde was like that too at first and now he's one of the strongest actors. Lis of course is just made of awesome. If you want to watch series two someone has been putting them up on youtube they are labeled SJA but you can find them if you type in "Sarah Jane Adventures" and change the search to "today" or "this week" . You can pretty much figure out what's going on without having seen the episodes although I recommend see them anyway just because they are very good!

Ok that's all for me for now, I'm off to bed