Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hiya all,

Sorry I've been quiet this week, I've had an awful cold and I haven't felt up to much of anything. it was made even worse by having to go into work. Lucky for me I switched shifts with a friend of mine today and so i have the evening off. I love Saturday evenings off because it means I can watch my favorite Brit Comedies on my local PBS station. Squee!

I honestly haven't been knitting much of anything lately since I'm still hard at work on the baby quilt and my costumes for Dragon*Con. I know most all of you will stop looking at this journal when the swap is over but I'll try and put up some pictures from the con so you can see what all of the crazyness is about, especaily if I get to meet Tom Felton!

Oh my spoillee has recievd her package and she says she likes it! (Yay) I hope she puts up pictures so you guys can see it. If not then I'll post some of mine.