Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Halloween!

Well almost,  My mom and I are getting ready for tomorrow. We started  by decorating cookies at 9 am mmmm sugar :)  Halloween is epic at our house we go full out for the holiday :)
This is from the start of the month when we started getting our decorations out, some things have to go back down stairs because there isn't room. And this isn't even counting the outdoor items and the things we use for what ever theme we've picked! This years theme is Phantom of the Opera in tribute to the touring company  which closes tomorrow.:(

 Yesterday I wore my student robes to teach class in, the kids loved it especisly the ones dressed up as Harry.

 It's hard to talk about my kntting plans with out giving anything away  so I'll just say they are going nicely, I'm having fun coming up with tie ins to the horcrux I picked :)

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