Monday, July 28, 2008

Wow I don’t think I quite realized how close Dragon Con was until I saw

[info]belluthien’s flight plans. I’ve got lots of work to do if I want to have stuff to wear. My mother has twice this week shown her coolness in the costume department. Most mothers would freak out if there daughters where once again planning on dressing up in male costumes. When I told mom my plans for my Carlisle costume and how I had been looking for a wig but could not find one I liked and that I thought of trying spray on color (this is for the Twilight book release) she runs downstairs and unearths a wig that will work that she had from a few Halloweens ago. And then asks if she can do the vampire make-up :)

She is also helping me start a diet (and doing it with me) to help me slim into a few of my costumes and to help motivate me make the new ones. She also said she’d help me figure out a budget so that I don’t feel horribly guilty spending money on fabric and costumes. I love her, it so nice to have support for the odd things I do.

That being said I know I’ll make the Spellbinder Costume, which will only take a day or two. I’ll also work on polishing Young Snape I need a new sweater for it and I need to order a patch. This time I will remember to bring my Potions for Dummies book :) those are for sure. Then of course I have the ones from years past. I may try to get in a simplified version of Baldwin’s white robes; it just depends on money and time. I may also bring Carlisle depending on his reception at the release. I’m kind of looking forward to the time crunch, I always get more done.

I’m looking forward to seeing my con friends!