Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Knitting in the Twilight, but not really

hello everyone, To be honest I haven't knit anything in the the last few days, I know I know, for shame! I've been trying to clean my room... ya not much success in that department either... and well I've gotten rapped up in a new book series Twilight. I'm loving the books so far I just finished the second one last night and I'll start the third one today. The forth book comes out at the beginning of August and there will be release parties for it. Hee I'm excited, I plan to go in Costume. I thought about going as Bella just because it would be fun to be pretty, but I really think I'd rather go as my (so far) favorite character Dr. Carlisile Cullen. although he's blond so I'll have to get a wig For me costuming has always been more about getting to be my favorite characters then being the one I look like. (with the exception of Frodo because his costumes was the easiest to make from Goodwill clothes) But anyway, I'm going to go and put pictures back on my walls , then I'll let myself read and knit some more.