Saturday, May 22, 2010

sorry guys

Sigh I'm just not going to make it tonight, I've just gotten past the point I was at when I ripped it (my poor fingers are numb).

Sorry team,   I'll write more about what happened  tomorrow, I will be able to make the early send period , so at least I'll get us some points then.

I need to got to bed now  I can hardly type I'm so sleepy.

knitting like a mad women

 So I was well along with my  handmade project for my kit when I realized I  would like the look of it better if i  used two strands of yarn rather then the one... so I ripped it, today,  I am going to be trying my darnedest to get it finished before the end of the night  and get my house some extra points (because my house is awesome  and should have all the points I can get them) So wish me luck I've got my Chinese take-away  yummy popcorn and a whole night of Britcom's on PBS tonight, I can do it!