Saturday, August 14, 2010

made it to the weekend!

  I've made it! It's been a crazy kind of week,  I subbed for a kindergarten class yesterday, first class for me this year. This morning I had to go into work (I useally have evenings on Saturday , but that means I get to watch Brit Coms on  PBS! Yay!   I sent my post owl off with my swap package on Thursday, I hope he gets there in a timely fashion. last swap he got distracted  and took a little bit longer then he should have.  I've gotten three of my four costumes all ready to go this week, i just need to finish a few things on the other one. I'm excited about the convention, I might  try and get the Phelps twins autographs this year. hmm now though I think I'm going to change out of my work clothes and snuggle with a good book, I hope it starts raining!