Friday, June 4, 2010

 Hello all,

The last few days have been mad for me, I had the end of the school year ( I  was a parapro) and my other job, I was out the house so often I think my cats forgot who I was.

And I went to a small Doctor Who convention  over the weekend which was really enjoyable, I had one funny moment when I saw another knitter and we got to talking about socks, she liked toe up on circs I like cuff down on dpns etc, but any way we both,  at the same time,  lifted our trouser legs to show off our socks and the muggles in the room waiting for the panel to begin weren't sure what to think. 

I also made an unexpected friend at the convention,  he  was a guest/speaker and the convention and someone whom I admire. It  has put a smile on my face everyday since to know  there is such a kindred spirit out there.

 I have everything ready for my kit , it's all ready to go except for the darn handmade item, that is the easy part for me normaly , but for some reason I just couldn't find  anything that I really loved that fit in with this kit, I'd start something and then rip it out and before I knew it I'm running out of time.  After I type this I'm going back to my needles  to hopefully get closer to finishing it tonight.  

Anyway that's the news from me, best of luck everyone on the Quidditch match, I wish I could play with you but I'll be stuck at work closing the store.