Monday, December 21, 2009

I've been spoiled

Rowena( Ronnica) of the Applebee Arrows sent me an awesome kit! Her poor owl arrived during a terrific rain storm  and had to bee given lots of owl treats before flying on his way again:

She sent me two patterns one for a cowl and one for Bella's mittens

 and lovely yarn for the patterns in my favorite colors

Some very classy stitch markers

a  really nice yarn bag that I am already using (and having to keep my mother from stealing!)
   She also made me a lovely St. Marcus Day scarf  that I've been wearing since I pulled it out of the owls hot little talons ( I really can't say how much I squeed over the scarf! It is very awesome)

And last but not least  she sent me some masks from her own collection 

To add to my collection (which I haven't put up in this house yet, but I might just have to now that I have these new addtions)

Thank you so much for the lovely kit Ronnica, I really enjoyed it! And thank your owl for making the long trip!