Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a bit about me

Just a note most of this info can also be found on my side bar
  • Knit or crochet or both? I knit
  • Brands you would like to try but don't have easy access to: Maybe opal sock yarn, my lys no longer carries it and I really liked working with it
  • Favorite fibers/least favorite fibers: I think the only thing I've come across that I've hated was lion brands homespun but other then that I like pretty much everything else I've tried 
  • Favorite colors/least favorite colors: purple is my favorite color, but I also love blues and greens, browns, black,  cool colors earth tones... I've never cared for yellows, or orange, 
  • Yarn weight preferences- none really, I use whatever the pattern I'm doing calls for
  • Favorite projects- Socks, Dalek, my Doctor Who scarf,  Irish hiking scarf,  highway man gloves... i think i love all my projects
  • Favorite gadgets; stitch markers, I've love to have a row counter
  • Favorite designers- none
  • Salty or Sweet or...? both although I guess sweet is I had to pick
  • Tea or Coffee or...? Tea! I don't like coffee, I like Liptons and PG Tips brands.
  • Allergies: there are some perfumes that give me a headache as well as incense. I can not do incense at all, candles though are fine. 
  • Other things you like, i.e., buttons, pens, fabric, stitchmarkers, etc. You know I wouldn't mind some cute buttons, I'd like to make myself a pair of the french press slippers but I'd have any cute buttons, so I guess if you see two cute buttons that would be awesome :)
  • Currently Craving- I'm doing a low carb diet right now (trying to get rid of all the weight I put on in my last year of collage) so I'm craving everything. I miss having my morning toast and jam most of all and my McVities biscuits with my tea. 
  • Where you might have wish lists (Loopy Ewe, Amazon, Etsy)- Amazon is the only one I've got right now,link on the toolbar I didn't know Etsy had one, I think i shall be creating one for there very soon.
  • Measurements (feet for socks, wrists, head circumference) Not sure   I wear a size 71/2 or 8, I'm 5'6  but with a fairly small build. 
  • Whatever else you'd like to share: I have two kitties Bernard (Bernie or Nard for short and Godiva ( we just call her Diva)  I also have a bird (Sammy) I live with my parents  (I'm still looking for a job) right now I work in retail (we wear red and khaki and have a bullseye logo) and I also Sub during the school year.  I love dressing up in costumes and making the costumes. 
Um I guess that's it ask me anything you need to :) My Livejournal would be a good place to find out more about me, although you won't be able to see all of my posts I had kept friends locked until last year but you'll see more of my everyday insanity ;)