Sunday, November 21, 2010

only about 6 mintues left till 12am

 But here I am blogging, I've been at work all day, ugh I hate the holidays in retail.  My Owl  says he arrived with his package but I have heard yet  from SmartChic if she really did get it or if my owl simply found the first house it could could and dumped the package there. I'm hoping he found the house though he's a very good owl.
Deathly Hallows was awesome, I'm thinking of  going again tomorrow. I mentioned this in the forums but I'll mention it again . CNN which is based in Atlanta where I live was covering the the movie theater I went to see the film at so there are several shots on me in a clip on there website. I was going to add a picture but my clock is reading 11:59 so i need to post this now or it doesn't count more later :)

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