Saturday, August 7, 2010

slidding in at the last minute

 Sorry about the lack of posts I'm up to my neck in projects!  My kit  is coming along very nicely it'll be hard to send it off, I want one myself!  I've been busy  finishing a costume for a convention coming up in September (yes I'm that kind of Geek:))  I'm very excited about it as it's my first time making everything  from the ground up. I've been blogging about it in my live journal  and I've created a blog   just for my costumes because of it. 

 To my  Head of Hut I'll be posting kit picture tomorrow after I  get some batteries for my camera, I compleatly forgot to pick some  up during work tonight, we where crazy busy as school starts back this Monday in my area.

And now I shall retire to bed and read more Tintin  until the cats persuade me that it time to either scratch there heads or go to sleep. :)