Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ok I'm on a roll! I've just finished sock one, now on to sock two! I think this is the first time I'm feeling second sock syndrom as I'm not running to cast number two on. These had a lot of dye when i blocked them and it changed the lovely cream color to a gray. They are still veru pretty though and my desire to be able to wear them will make me finsh number two quickly. I think I'll cast on (again) for the Branching out scarf an thne maybe the market bag. Just to give sock a bit of a rest. Of course I may just do all of them and a another set of socks. I have the ball of yarn Ruthanne gave me from England. It's Hummingbird yarn in the color way called Kingfisher. The I have some Regia and Opal sock yarn I just bought. So much yarn so little time. Anyway once again I'm offering crapy pictures from my web camera. I wish I had a real digital camera. It's so my list of things to buy. Anlong with a dress Form, and new computer, I can't wait till I have a better job!