Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm being very good and still only working on one knitting project, The Rose gloves. Go me! I'm almost to the thumb gusset and both excited and worried about it. the first attempt i made at doing them (almost a year ago) is were I went wrong last time, so I'm hoping it'll be better this time. After the rose gloves I've got to bring something with me to Media West con, maybe two somethings, one for the car and one for the SnB at the con. or it may just be one project. Who knows?

Anyway I'm mostly posting just to keep this blog updated a bit my more personal blog is over on LJ, which is friends locked because I'm avoiding someone who has me as a friend on there, maybe it doesn't matter now, but the journal will stay that way. But anyway you're only here for the pretty yarn right?