Saturday, July 31, 2010

Week 3 Game: Scavenger Hunt!

*all of these pictures, with the exception of the trunk of yarn, where taken from google images they are not my own.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wingo help

W2-  Mindnight showing for all excipt the first first one, I went the first day but because I was in a theater production I had to see it early in the day.

W3- Mine's a Cat

W4-Atlanta Ga USA

W5- Camp, Quidditch, and last term.

I2- Yes, Girl Scout camp

I4-  I colllect harry Potter books from around the world and masks

I5- Yes, The Appalachian Trail

N3- I have two Snape costumes,  Movie snape, and a young snape and with it come my wand and hat.

N4- chocolate!

G2- I have a  Half brother, a half Sister (same father) and a step-brother 

G3-Ch√Ęteau de Chinon in France

G4- do our online games from last term count?


O1-French, and ASL

O4- Of course I do :)

O6- my post owl Humphry and my snake called Snakie :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

TPing the Treehouse

  Our hut being the great and wonderful hut that we are has TP'd the FF Treehouse, I think it looks much better now don't you?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a bit about me

Just a note most of this info can also be found on my side bar
  • Knit or crochet or both? I knit
  • Brands you would like to try but don't have easy access to: Maybe opal sock yarn, my lys no longer carries it and I really liked working with it
  • Favorite fibers/least favorite fibers: I think the only thing I've come across that I've hated was lion brands homespun but other then that I like pretty much everything else I've tried 
  • Favorite colors/least favorite colors: purple is my favorite color, but I also love blues and greens, browns, black,  cool colors earth tones... I've never cared for yellows, or orange, 
  • Yarn weight preferences- none really, I use whatever the pattern I'm doing calls for
  • Favorite projects- Socks, Dalek, my Doctor Who scarf,  Irish hiking scarf,  highway man gloves... i think i love all my projects
  • Favorite gadgets; stitch markers, I've love to have a row counter
  • Favorite designers- none
  • Salty or Sweet or...? both although I guess sweet is I had to pick
  • Tea or Coffee or...? Tea! I don't like coffee, I like Liptons and PG Tips brands.
  • Allergies: there are some perfumes that give me a headache as well as incense. I can not do incense at all, candles though are fine. 
  • Other things you like, i.e., buttons, pens, fabric, stitchmarkers, etc. You know I wouldn't mind some cute buttons, I'd like to make myself a pair of the french press slippers but I'd have any cute buttons, so I guess if you see two cute buttons that would be awesome :)
  • Currently Craving- I'm doing a low carb diet right now (trying to get rid of all the weight I put on in my last year of collage) so I'm craving everything. I miss having my morning toast and jam most of all and my McVities biscuits with my tea. 
  • Where you might have wish lists (Loopy Ewe, Amazon, Etsy)- Amazon is the only one I've got right now,link on the toolbar I didn't know Etsy had one, I think i shall be creating one for there very soon.
  • Measurements (feet for socks, wrists, head circumference) Not sure   I wear a size 71/2 or 8, I'm 5'6  but with a fairly small build. 
  • Whatever else you'd like to share: I have two kitties Bernard (Bernie or Nard for short and Godiva ( we just call her Diva)  I also have a bird (Sammy) I live with my parents  (I'm still looking for a job) right now I work in retail (we wear red and khaki and have a bullseye logo) and I also Sub during the school year.  I love dressing up in costumes and making the costumes. 
Um I guess that's it ask me anything you need to :) My Livejournal would be a good place to find out more about me, although you won't be able to see all of my posts I had kept friends locked until last year but you'll see more of my everyday insanity ;)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Camp sign ups tomorrow

 I can't wait for summer camp to begin! It feels like I've been with this swap group forever instead of just a year.
As you can see I've redecorated my journal  for camp!

Since the school years ended I've been working on the socks that came in my kit, the sock is coming out nicely, I'm turning the heel now so it's just a quick run down the foot and then the toe... and then I have to do it over again :)  I really should learn how to do two at a time  it would save me from SSS.  I'm also now in my costuming mood,  I've put together one quick/ and cheep costume  for Dragon*con to go with some of the others I have ( mostly Harry Potter and Doctor Who), but I'd like to figure out a few others too, just to keep it intreasting.  Has anyone here heard of Tintin? it's a very famous comic, although not as much so in the USA. I've got everything to do a Tintin costume I just need to find a stuffed Milou (aka Snowy)  to bring with me.

Anywho I'll be up bright and early to sign up, just as soon as I figure out which of the awesome kits I like the best :)  it's so hard to chose!