Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence day was lovely My mom made enough food to feed the US Navy (there where only me, my my my step dad and my friend Luthienpotter.) After we ate Luthien and I went to the mall to watch the fireworks and walk around a bit. I promised her i would read watch (without stalling or being difficult) anything she wanted me to if she would at least read the first Twilight book (I need someone to squee with and I don't really want to go alone to the release party) So since my mom and stepfather are reading my copy we went and bought her a copy. We grabbed a fantastic seat for the fireworks and spent the evening knitting and sewing while listening to music. I'm almost done with the cuff to the second sock, I think i have a case of SSS. But I will be good and finish it! I will! Then it's back to lace work. OK I should be getting ready to go to work, rather then waiting to see if I'll get into the Twilight Swap and wondering what will happen tonight on Doctor Who.