Tuesday, July 15, 2008

re-post from my LJ

Mostly for my swap partner in case she's trying to learn more about me, or or those cool cats who find this from Raverly ;)

I really should update more often, but at least nobody else really is either. I've just been doing the same old same old. My mom's had this last week off from work so it's been nice to have someone around the house. She's mostly been trying to clean up the downstairs which has been a mess from taking everything out of the upstairs for the new carpet. I financial aid got my room back to being a bit more "me". I've got more pictures and posters up. I really need to clean again it's gotten cluttered with laundry and coke cans (no I don't have a drinking problem why do you ask? *shoves empty cans under desk*) I’ve also got everything in for my financial aid. I can't believe the summer is almost up. Squee this time next year I'll be a free women! Probably the most exciting thing going on for me right now is a Knitting Swap I signed up for. It’s kind of like a secret Santa except with yarn. This one is a Twilight themed swap. I've just gotten my partners name and details and I've started making her stuff. (We have to make them stitch markers, a bag, and give them yarn and a pattern and any other goodies we might want to throw in as well as email them) It's been a lot of fun so far. (Ya I know you guys probably think it sounds boring) I've made her stitch markers and they turned out really nice.

Sigh to be honest this post is really just to distract me from the cupcakes downstairs, and it's not working. I went to the store with the intent to get stamps so that I can finally mail the letter I wrote to Ruthanne (last week) but I went to the store and came out without stamps but with 3 one liter bottles of diet coke and pre-sliced cupcakes *hangs head in shame*

Oh I almost forgot until I chose my icon :) I've now got all of the Vicar Of Dibley episodes! Hee anyone want to have a marathon?