Monday, July 28, 2008

Wow I don’t think I quite realized how close Dragon Con was until I saw

[info]belluthien’s flight plans. I’ve got lots of work to do if I want to have stuff to wear. My mother has twice this week shown her coolness in the costume department. Most mothers would freak out if there daughters where once again planning on dressing up in male costumes. When I told mom my plans for my Carlisle costume and how I had been looking for a wig but could not find one I liked and that I thought of trying spray on color (this is for the Twilight book release) she runs downstairs and unearths a wig that will work that she had from a few Halloweens ago. And then asks if she can do the vampire make-up :)

She is also helping me start a diet (and doing it with me) to help me slim into a few of my costumes and to help motivate me make the new ones. She also said she’d help me figure out a budget so that I don’t feel horribly guilty spending money on fabric and costumes. I love her, it so nice to have support for the odd things I do.

That being said I know I’ll make the Spellbinder Costume, which will only take a day or two. I’ll also work on polishing Young Snape I need a new sweater for it and I need to order a patch. This time I will remember to bring my Potions for Dummies book :) those are for sure. Then of course I have the ones from years past. I may try to get in a simplified version of Baldwin’s white robes; it just depends on money and time. I may also bring Carlisle depending on his reception at the release. I’m kind of looking forward to the time crunch, I always get more done.

I’m looking forward to seeing my con friends!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I should never be blond

Hello world,

Not much new going on with me I've had yesterday and today off so it's been nice, mostly I cleaned yesterday and today will be laundry (yuck!) But I need to do it and to hang it all up. (work in a store where rehanging cloths is part of your job for 6 hours out of the day and you'd hate it even more too) Last night I did try putting my twilight costume together. I'm not sure what I think of it yet, part of me says not bad considering I'm a) a girl b) a brunette and c) chubby. The other half thinks I look more like the albino in The Princess Bride.
While I had the make-up on I thought it would be fun to see if I'd make a good Esme (my hair was on it's last leg though so it doesn't look great. would you like to see? This was just a test run so no decisions have been made yet But I'd love to know what you (honestly) think.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

re-post from my LJ

Mostly for my swap partner in case she's trying to learn more about me, or or those cool cats who find this from Raverly ;)

I really should update more often, but at least nobody else really is either. I've just been doing the same old same old. My mom's had this last week off from work so it's been nice to have someone around the house. She's mostly been trying to clean up the downstairs which has been a mess from taking everything out of the upstairs for the new carpet. I financial aid got my room back to being a bit more "me". I've got more pictures and posters up. I really need to clean again it's gotten cluttered with laundry and coke cans (no I don't have a drinking problem why do you ask? *shoves empty cans under desk*) I’ve also got everything in for my financial aid. I can't believe the summer is almost up. Squee this time next year I'll be a free women! Probably the most exciting thing going on for me right now is a Knitting Swap I signed up for. It’s kind of like a secret Santa except with yarn. This one is a Twilight themed swap. I've just gotten my partners name and details and I've started making her stuff. (We have to make them stitch markers, a bag, and give them yarn and a pattern and any other goodies we might want to throw in as well as email them) It's been a lot of fun so far. (Ya I know you guys probably think it sounds boring) I've made her stitch markers and they turned out really nice.

Sigh to be honest this post is really just to distract me from the cupcakes downstairs, and it's not working. I went to the store with the intent to get stamps so that I can finally mail the letter I wrote to Ruthanne (last week) but I went to the store and came out without stamps but with 3 one liter bottles of diet coke and pre-sliced cupcakes *hangs head in shame*

Oh I almost forgot until I chose my icon :) I've now got all of the Vicar Of Dibley episodes! Hee anyone want to have a marathon?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I need a better brain

Sigh, I have new respect for knit designers. I've been trying to figure out a way to turn the rod of Aesculapius into a cable that could be used on socks. (I thought it would be a neat cable for a Dr Cullen Sock.) The rod and maybe a knit heart in between each since he is both a doctor and compassionate. But I just can't get my mind wrapped around how to do it. I think I'll just give up on the idea though, I'm not cleaver enough to think of how to to it.
Other then that I haven't done much today, it was nice :) I went shopping with my mom , I was very tempted by a very inexpensive set of Are you Being served? I may yet cave and go and buy it, I don't think I'll see it that cheap again.

I'm really looking forward to the Twilight swap I'm dying to start buying things for it. I hope who ever I get doesn't mind if I sew their bag, i think I would do a better job with a sewn one then trying to knit. (I don't think I could get a knit one finished in time!)

Anyway I'm going to go get a bit of ginger bread and a shower, i may update some more after, although i don't know what about. Maybe a meme of some sort.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Cat!

Ok just a quick update while I avoid cleaning. The last episode of Doctor Who was amazing. I think Ron Weasley said it best: You're going to suffer, but you'll be happy about it. I won't say anything else though because it hasn't aired in the US yet and no one wants to be spoiled for this episode trust me!

I did get into the Swap! And on the Coven side! Squee I can't wait I had great plans if I had ended up on the pack side but thats ok I'll just make that stuff for me and equally cool stuff for my swap buddy! Squeee I can't wait to get started! might go shopping later to gather little things .

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence day was lovely My mom made enough food to feed the US Navy (there where only me, my my my step dad and my friend Luthienpotter.) After we ate Luthien and I went to the mall to watch the fireworks and walk around a bit. I promised her i would read watch (without stalling or being difficult) anything she wanted me to if she would at least read the first Twilight book (I need someone to squee with and I don't really want to go alone to the release party) So since my mom and stepfather are reading my copy we went and bought her a copy. We grabbed a fantastic seat for the fireworks and spent the evening knitting and sewing while listening to music. I'm almost done with the cuff to the second sock, I think i have a case of SSS. But I will be good and finish it! I will! Then it's back to lace work. OK I should be getting ready to go to work, rather then waiting to see if I'll get into the Twilight Swap and wondering what will happen tonight on Doctor Who.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Knitting in the Twilight, but not really

hello everyone, To be honest I haven't knit anything in the the last few days, I know I know, for shame! I've been trying to clean my room... ya not much success in that department either... and well I've gotten rapped up in a new book series Twilight. I'm loving the books so far I just finished the second one last night and I'll start the third one today. The forth book comes out at the beginning of August and there will be release parties for it. Hee I'm excited, I plan to go in Costume. I thought about going as Bella just because it would be fun to be pretty, but I really think I'd rather go as my (so far) favorite character Dr. Carlisile Cullen. although he's blond so I'll have to get a wig For me costuming has always been more about getting to be my favorite characters then being the one I look like. (with the exception of Frodo because his costumes was the easiest to make from Goodwill clothes) But anyway, I'm going to go and put pictures back on my walls , then I'll let myself read and knit some more.