Monday, June 15, 2009

Game Time!

Part one:
Ten things I've packed for Summer Camp

1.Quidditch Through the Ages
2. Quibbler (summer issue)
3. Quill pens
4. Quilt
6.Quote book
7.Quodpot ball set
8. Queen chess piece to trade
9.Quadrilocular trunk
10. Quid (muggle money)

I should really get an extra point or two for having a Q name!

Part 2:
W2-Megaera Black
I2-Hermione Bagnold 1 (older) brother and 2 (both younger) sisters
N2-Gryphon the Great
G2-Ophelia Ballycastle
O2- Emma Scamander

Part 3
I'm spoiling Ophelia Ballycastle aka SinKnitty and I love all of the things she has done, especially the ones from different fandoms!

I'm being spoiled by Intarsia Knits and although she doesn't have a picture up anything with the words Dalek and potholder in the same project gets my vote! :0