Sunday, July 4, 2010

Camp sign ups tomorrow

 I can't wait for summer camp to begin! It feels like I've been with this swap group forever instead of just a year.
As you can see I've redecorated my journal  for camp!

Since the school years ended I've been working on the socks that came in my kit, the sock is coming out nicely, I'm turning the heel now so it's just a quick run down the foot and then the toe... and then I have to do it over again :)  I really should learn how to do two at a time  it would save me from SSS.  I'm also now in my costuming mood,  I've put together one quick/ and cheep costume  for Dragon*con to go with some of the others I have ( mostly Harry Potter and Doctor Who), but I'd like to figure out a few others too, just to keep it intreasting.  Has anyone here heard of Tintin? it's a very famous comic, although not as much so in the USA. I've got everything to do a Tintin costume I just need to find a stuffed Milou (aka Snowy)  to bring with me.

Anywho I'll be up bright and early to sign up, just as soon as I figure out which of the awesome kits I like the best :)  it's so hard to chose!