Saturday, May 10, 2008

picture time

It'll look better when it's blocked, but not bad for my first try at lace huh?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Ok just reposting what I just wrote in my LJ, some of the info may be redudent from yesterdays post here because I haven't ever just posted the same same things to both sites but the short of it is New Project!

Ok I'm just taking a small moment to do a yarn Squee!

I've gotten sick of the Rose gloves, they've got mistakes in them I'll need to rip out a good portion (my mother says I'm a bit picky but if we don't have standeres then what's left?) So the gloves are going to be on hold for awhile (long enough for me not to want to puncture my eyes with DPN's.)

So I've started This:

My first Lace project. IT IS SO COOL! I feel smart, I feel like Knitter and just a knitter. I'm using this yarn
in a color called lavender. I've had it in the stash forever and when I saw that it was the right type and weight for this pattern I had to make it.

After a few miss steps and a very handy life line I've completed the first pattern repeat and, i have to say it again, It is SO COOL!

Sorry , but the cats were not excited enough when i showed them so You all have to pick up the slack by hearing me talk about it :)

I'll post some bad web cam pictures soon!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sad but true

I'm thinking of frogging the rose gloves, if not all the the way then most of the way. Perhaps I'm being too nit picky, but I have a small mistake where i knit instead of purled on two stitches (I could live with that one) At some point I made one of the cables too small (or large) and now the sides don't match up and there is a bit of laddering going on that is driving me crazy. But because I've started and restated these gloves so many times I'm a bit sick of them to tell the truth so it would be a while before I would try them again... So what to do in the mean time? I'd like to use some of the sock yarn I've got and.... imagine this... make socks.

hmmm Still need to think about it

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm being very good and still only working on one knitting project, The Rose gloves. Go me! I'm almost to the thumb gusset and both excited and worried about it. the first attempt i made at doing them (almost a year ago) is were I went wrong last time, so I'm hoping it'll be better this time. After the rose gloves I've got to bring something with me to Media West con, maybe two somethings, one for the car and one for the SnB at the con. or it may just be one project. Who knows?

Anyway I'm mostly posting just to keep this blog updated a bit my more personal blog is over on LJ, which is friends locked because I'm avoiding someone who has me as a friend on there, maybe it doesn't matter now, but the journal will stay that way. But anyway you're only here for the pretty yarn right?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Making very good progress on the rose gloves so far. I'm actually on the second diamond but I don't feel like re-taking pictures. I've found it best if i work on these without any distractions like Tv or people because when I add those in the stupid mistakes happen. I'm trying to be good and only work on one project at a time, I'm using the Ravelry queue as my nice to do list. I've found projects for almost all of my important stashed yarn. I may allow myself to make a few wash cloths for gifts that I'd want to give as gifts very soon .