Monday, December 21, 2009

I've been spoiled

Rowena( Ronnica) of the Applebee Arrows sent me an awesome kit! Her poor owl arrived during a terrific rain storm  and had to bee given lots of owl treats before flying on his way again:

She sent me two patterns one for a cowl and one for Bella's mittens

 and lovely yarn for the patterns in my favorite colors

Some very classy stitch markers

a  really nice yarn bag that I am already using (and having to keep my mother from stealing!)
   She also made me a lovely St. Marcus Day scarf  that I've been wearing since I pulled it out of the owls hot little talons ( I really can't say how much I squeed over the scarf! It is very awesome)

And last but not least  she sent me some masks from her own collection 

To add to my collection (which I haven't put up in this house yet, but I might just have to now that I have these new addtions)

Thank you so much for the lovely kit Ronnica, I really enjoyed it! And thank your owl for making the long trip!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

No owls yet for me , the post has been very slow lately though. I hope my owl make it to Eugene soon, i know that a package that I sent tto  my friend  in france  has already arrived there so hopefuly  The owl will be able to make it there soon after.

I've been keeping busy even though the end of the training season is almost here. I've made these for my grandmother

  and this for my mom

all with help from my cats.
I may have to make a pair of slippers for myself as well, they turned out really cute.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

whoops hopefully it's not too late to count this as a blog for the last week I didn't clock out at work until 12:11 am. I'll keep it short:

Chanuka Sameach!

Friday, December 4, 2009

I iz finished!

Yay I'm finished with my swap package! I just need to write a little note and send it on it's way Monday ( my owl is running a letter for my mom, should be back soon though) I hope Eugene like it.

It's gotten cold here, practice on the pitch hasn't been as much fun, but I'm sure it makes the hot tea waiting for me back home taste even better!