Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ok I didn't mean it to be so long between posts, I have been working on the Irish Hiking scarf and finally got an email into the blogging group for it's knit along. Yay. I've found that knitting on the bus with a good podcast is the way to go. Mostly I've been listing to Cast-on and Potter cast I've added a few more podcasts tonight so I'll have some new stuff to listen too since I've used up my reserve of podcasts that I hadn't heard yet.

Right now I've got a nice hot pot of tea (Lots of sugar and milk). Tomorrow I'll be regerstering for my classes and panicing about a 8-10page paper due on Friday. I tried to get started on it today but I got nowhere with it, which make me sad I'd rather not spend my Thursday night franticly typing fluff.

This picture is from Thursday Night, I'm quite a bit further now.

Ok I think thats it for now, I really should be doing something productive... I doubt that will happen tonight... well folding laundry is productive...although really productive would be putting the laundry up....