Friday, April 2, 2010

Our first homework assignment is to post about our three characters and why we chose them.
My three are Severus Snape(of course), Albus Dumbledore, and Arthur Weasley.

Severus Snape is my favorite character, and has been ever since he walked onto the page (pg 136 :)).I knew he was going to be a favorite, and a good guy.I loved how passionate he was about his subject and his biting humor. It's hard to describe why I like Snape so much, I think it is because he is such a strong character, he made horrible mistakes and paid the price for them, but it is the fact that he tried to make things better that make him so different, he never gave up. His only wish was for someone to understand him and the  only two people where ever willing to try Dumbledore and Lily and later Harry. Snape, Harry, and Voldemort where in many ways the same, they where given the same choices in life but how they acted upon the choices where what made them different. (And I need to stop now or I'm going to write an essay :) I had to put him down as someone to make a kit for the items for him could be so much fun!

Dumbledore is simply an awesome character; his willingness to see the good in everyone and give them a chance to prove themselves is just wonderful. Again I love his sense of humor and his appreciation of people and his love of knit items.I thought he would be so much fun to make a kit for between his love of muggle candy, socks and humor the ideas for him could be very fun.

Arthur is so different from the other male characters he is the everyman,he’s not the wisest,the best looking or the most successful and yet he is the happiest. He chose the love of family and friends and really the love of life over fame and glory. But he also stood fast to what he believed in; he never tried to be anything other that what he was. I love his fascination with smuggles, that he wants to learn and understand other cultures ;and his value of life. In many ways he is wisest character in the books.I also thought a kit for him would quite fun to make!